Install Sumatra

We assume that the base work directory is “/home/parallella”;

– Clone the repository:

– Unset JAVA_HOME variable:

  • $ unset JAVA_HOME;

– Create a swap file with 5GB (Parallella doesn’t have enough memory to compile Sumatra and Graal)

– Get additional sources:

  • $ sh

– Execute configure command with zero jvm variant (Parallella main processor – armv7 – is not natively supported on default sumatra compilation) –

  • $ bash ./configure –with-jvm-variants=zero &

– Execute make command (we are using nohup and background processing since this stage is very intensive and lasts long):

  • $ nohup make CONF=linux-arm-normal-zero-release DEBUG_BINARIES=true &

– In file “/home/parallella/sumatra-dev/build/linux-arm-normal-zero-release/jdk/btclasses/build/tools/deps/refs.allowed” add this line at the end :

  • “

– Make profiles:

  • $ make profiles CONF=linux-arm-normal-zero-release

– Make images:

  • $ make images

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